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Incredible Versatility

Ernie's Kick Sauces Transform any dish, from eggs to barbecue, etc.

Natural Flavor Boost

Ernie's Kick Sauces Enhance recipes with natural richness and a unique taste.

Culinary Heritage in Every Drop

Ernie's Kick Sauces Uncover the secret of African culinary heritage in every bottle of the sauce.

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Kick Sauces
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Ready to embark on a spicy adventure?  Ernie’s Kick Sauces is your ticket to a world of flavor exploration.  Elevate your meals, tantalize your senses, and turn every dish into a mouthwatering masterpiece.  Don’t miss out—Buy your sauces today and set your taste buds on fire with the bold, adventurous, and unforgettable flavors of Ernie’s Kick Sauces.  Spice up your life now!




*Minimum order 2 bottles

Indulge in the perfect balance of heat and flavor with Ernie’s Kick Sauce (MILD). This sauce adds a gentle kick to your dishes, enhancing the taste without overwhelming your taste buds. Ideal for those who crave flavor adventure with a touch of warmth.




*Minimum order 2 bottles

Turn up the heat with Ernie’s Kick Sauce (HOT). Crafted for the bold and daring, this sauce delivers a fiery punch that elevates your meals to a whole new level. Experience intense spiciness with a burst of adventurous flavor in every drop. Handle with care!




Experience the best of both worlds with Ernie’s Kick Sauces MILD + HOT combo! Indulge your taste buds with the harmonious balance of subtle warmth and intense heat. This unique offering allows you to enjoy two distinct flavor profiles, creating a dynamic culinary experience. Perfect for enthusiasts seeking variety and excitement in every bite.

Why Ernie's Kick Sauces?

Because it’s the epitome of versatility and natural goodness. Elevate your dishes with a dash of this all-natural, artisan sauces. It’s the secret ingredient that will make every meal memorable.