Our history

In the summer of 2002, a bold and adventurous woman named Ernie embarked on a spicy journey that would forever change the world of culinary delights. Inspired by her passion for hot and flavorful condiments, she set out to create a brand that would set taste buds on fire. And thus, Ernie’s Kick Sauce was born.

Ernie’s Kick Sauce began as a humble idea, but it soon became a sizzling sensation in the world of hot sauces. Ernie’s unwavering dedication to quality and innovation drove her to create a range of fiery sauces that not only packed a punch but also tantalized the taste buds with a symphony of flavors.


A Sizzling Start

In 2002, Ernie’s Kick Sauce came to life, driven by a fiery vision to bring adventurous flavors to your kitchen. The journey began with a dream and a saucepan, and we’ve been igniting taste buds ever since!


Expanding Our Spice Universe

By 2005, Ernie’s Kick Sauce had grown, spicing up kitchens across the nation. Our bold flavors and adventurous spirit continued to evolve, delighting those who dared to embrace the heat.


A Decade of Spice

Celebrating a decade of spiciness in 2014, Ernie’s Kick Sauce had become a household name for flavor fanatics. Our range of sauces had grown, offering more diversity and adventure than ever before.


Serving Up Spice with Style

In 2023, we launched our website, making it easier than ever for spice enthusiasts to discover the world of Ernie’s Kick Sauce. Our mission remains the same: to ignite your taste buds with unique, bold, and flavorful experiences, now with added online convenience. Join us on our spicy journey!